Tuesday, January 17, 2012

World Dog

The World Dog food cart at the corner of 2200 South and Highland has steam rising off of the hot griddle in the near freezing Salt Lake City winter's day mixed with the smell of cooking sausages and sounds of lively conversation of people gathered around are a reminder of everything that is right with street food. The real "fast food".

World Dog's owner, chef and entire service staff Joe have been adding variety to the Salt Lake's street food scene for around 7 months, but in that time they have managed to carve out a niche that had not been filled by Salt Lake's various taco stands (which will likely be getting reviewed later on this blog); the hot dog eaten on the street the way God and Fiorello La Guardia intended.  Joe is a culinary school graduate who has been "a friend of ours" in the business since he was 14. When I asked him "Why hot dogs?" He answered "I can't tell you why. It just came to me. Then the next day I found a cart for sale online, bought it and opened up two weeks later."
Grilled to perfection

The offerings range from the Azteca (my personal favorite) which is a chorizo sausage topped with fresh tomato salsa and served on a Bolillo Roll (a Mexican version of the French baguette) which offers the perfect crunchy crust and soft tender interior  to vegan dogs that actually sound appetizing (not enough to persuade me to order one of them over pig, but I can go there with my bunny cuddling friends and know they'll be well pleased). The cart's menu doesn't end at sausages. I had their tomato soup on my most recent visit and I say, with all hyperbole aside, it was the best tomato soup I have ever had. The petite copine agrees. The soup was creamy and rich while still maintain some of the light fruity citrus notes found in a fresh tomato. It's served with a toasted crouton and a slathering of cheese. Few things comfort better in the cold of winter than soup and this tomato offering serves as not only a shelter from the cold winds of January, but a reminder of the fresh taste of summer tomatoes.
Azteca Dog

Best Tomato Soup

* You can follow World Dog on Facebook to find out if they're going to be at their usual location on Facebook. World Dog also caters private parties and can be reached via their web site
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  1. I havn't ever tried World Dog but their Azteca is now on my list to try!

    Thanks for your tip on the deli by Broadway... excellent idea!

  2. Meat in tube form. I do love it so. I wish we had street vendor food-problem with living in suburbia.